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Jan 19th, 2012

Sorry, I haven't been back on this site.
  Today we cleaned the living room. I accidentally found the gift I hid from myself on accident. I love it when that happens, the finding part that is. The girls enjoyed PE.
  Yesterday, I braided Abbie's hair into 3 separate sections and then braided those 3 sections together. I let her hair dry and she slept on it last night and Loved her curly hair today.
  Can't wait to eat what Josh is cooking for dinner. I love that he loves to cook!! :)
  Tonight we are going to watch Bones. The girls want to play a board game as well. As long as it's not monopoly, I think I'll be okay. Then again, monopoly is the only game I can play w/ them and actually win. Might have to reconsider.
  I am planning to try and write on this page 2-4 times a week. I might be off to a slow start, but let's just see what happens. 

Hope your tomorrow is as grand as ours!